Fueled by an explosion of CBD-infused edibles, billion-dollar projections for the CBD market may even be conservative. This seems possible when one co...View Details

Cannabis companies are using increasingly refined acquisition tactics to create vertical integration. TransCanna Holdings Inc. (CSE: TCAN) (XETR: TH8)...View Details

Growing demand for CBD is increasing pressure on companies that provide key cultivation equipment and industry supplies. As part of its commitment to ...View Details

Companies with a presence in the CBD market are seeing their profiles rise, thanks to growing media and celebrity attention. Wildflower Brands Inc. (C...View Details

A boom in demand for cannabidiol (CBD) has created an alarming shortage, which savvy hemp companies are aggressively looking to solve. Cultivation sup...View Details

Last year was a year of maturation for the cannabis market. California’s growing pains are a recipe for success for handful of savvy operators Brands,...View Details

The growth of vaping has led to the emergence of a new sector. Vaping is tied to the tobacco and cannabis industries but has become popular as a healt...View Details

Projections for the cannabis markets are staggering, yet there’s evidence that the lofty estimates may be understated. Cannabis projections often fall...View Details

The cannabis industry presents a rare opportunity to profit from spectacular growth in a virtually untapped market. Legal marijuana market projected t...View Details

Ever since the Farm Bill was signed into law, farmers across the United States have rushed into hemp cultivation, driving demand for the supplies need...View Details

The CBD market is seeing strong growth and a move towards the mainstream. The North American CBD market, worth more than $9 billion in 2017, is projec...View Details

The U.S. Farm Bill that recently passed into law is a game-changer for the CBD space. While it is unknown when nationwide cannabis legalization may oc...View Details

A surge in hemp production means big business for hydroponic suppliers. Hemp production set to massively increase in the United States this year. Incr...View Details

Analysts at Brightfield Group see CBD (cannabidiol) gobbling up a sizeable chunk of a projected $100 billion nutraceuticals 2022 U.S. market. $22 bill...View Details

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